After working in a corporate setting at 'De Zuidas' in Amsterdam it was time for a change. I followed my heart and passion and started CHANTALLE LAURENT. I turned my name into a brand. Since making the leap all pieces have come together.

MY CAREER AS A photographer

It all started during my study at the Academy of Art in 's-Hertogenbosch. I loved spending all day in the darkroom experimenting with analogue photography, expanded my skills in branding and graduated in design. With all these creative tools in my pocket I moved to Amsterdam and started to work as a Graphic Designer at the Marketing department of a global recruitment organisation at 'De Zuidas' that taught me the commercial side. After five years I was ready for a change. That's when my entrepreneurship journey began.

I started shooting photos at several events of The Entourage Group in Amsterdam. It grew from there. I specialised in capturing the spark of connection, atmosphere and essence of events and felt in love with taking candid shots as they show how things are in real life.


At the same time my second career took off. Working as a Door Host at speak-easy bar The Butcher Amsterdam gave me the opportunity to organise an event there. What had started just for fun turned out to become a great success. After my first monthly event FTF "First Things First" exclusive gay cocktail nights on Sunday, more event concepts followed: Kiss Bang Affair, Thirsty Thursday and SUNDAY SOCIAL at W Amsterdam.


Bringing people together through my social events contributed to the creation of a strong community and network in Amsterdam. If you are searching for professionals I could provide advice and put together an enthusiastic team to create powerful content.

combining multiple powers

So over the years, I have combined multiple powers as a creative, event professional, photographer and connector within the hospitality and event industry. Telling visual stories, connecting people and creating experiences is what I love to do.


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